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N.I.E / Resedencia

An NIE, which stands for Numero Iden­tidad Extranjeros, is a Span­ish tax iden­ti­fic­a­tion num­ber assigned by the Na­tional Police to all for­eign­ers with fiscal ob­lig­a­tions in Spain. You will require one prior to work­ing in Spain, open­ing a bank ac­count, pur­chas­ing a prop­erty, ob­tain­ing a mortgage, etc. The pro­ced­ure to ap­ply for your NIE without speak­ing the lan­guage can be dif­fi­cult and stress­ful. Thats why we work with trusted partners, to ensure that we have all the doc­u­ments and information re­quired by the au­thor­it­ies, as well as filling out the relevant ap­plic­a­tion forms and pay­ing the appropriate gov­ern­ment taxes. Our partners can either accom­pany you to the appoint­ment or we can ap­ply for your NIE num­ber on your be­half us­ing Power of Attorney as your legal repres­ent­at­ives. 

Habitation Certificates

By law, it is the vendor´s responsibility to provide a valid Hab­it­a­tion Cer­ti­fic­ate when selling property. Most certificates are valid for 5 years, de­pend­ing on the town. We work with trusted partners to assist you in obtaining this vital document during your buying or selling process. Obtaining a Habitation Certificate will involve liaising with local town halls. There are a number of as­pects that the Town hall must con­sid­er­, and ob­tain­ing this cer­ti­fic­ate may not be as simple as it seems. The author­it­ies have be­come more stringent in these matters recently. If you are buy­ing a new build prop­erty, the Habitation Certific­ate that the developer provides will be valid for 10 years, as opposed to 5 years for a resale property.

Energy Certificates

This cer­ti­fic­ate is issued by the architect to describe how en­ergy efficient the prop­erty is. The architect as­signs an en­ergy rat­ing on a scale from “A” to “G”. It is the vendor’s duty to pro­duce this cer­ti­fic­ate when for the new own­ers be­fore completion. The cer­ti­fic­ate is valid for 10 years., and the new own­ers do not need to ob­tain a new certificate dur­ing this period un­less they modify the property in any way.

Translation Services

We have teamed up with trusted partners so that we can of­fer you of­fi­cial or non-of­fi­cial trans­la­tions services. We can also provide interpret­ers if re­quired for medical appointments etc Of­fi­cial trans­la­tions are mandat­ory when a legal docu­ment from out­side of Spain is re­quired for any official doc­u­ment at the Notary.

Property Conveyancing

Our trusted partners can act as your legal representatives during the buying or selling process. At this time, many procedures take place, including: Land Registry & Legal Authority Checks, Preparation of Purchase & Sale Contracts, Checks for outstanding debts against the property Opening or cancelling Spanish bank accounts, Opening or cancelling utility contracts. The legal representative will also provide an estimated breakdown of buying or selling costs, offer advice on Non-resident tax liability, Accompany you to the Notary or sign paperwork on your behalf, Arrange Power of Attorney if required, Obtain an NIE number, and Arrange safe transfer of funds.

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